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Amateur Radio from Brooklyn, WI - EN52hu

My first QSL card:
My First QSL Card

I created this QSL card using a picture that I took in 2008 of a sunrise outside of my office. The editing was done in GIMP and the result was printed at Walgreens. The extra white border around the image is cut off, resulting in a ‘standard’ QSL card of 3.5 x 5.5 inches. I use some 3.33 x 4 inch shipping labels from Staples that I print out the QSO information grid on.


The label is created using LibreOffice and there are 6 labels on a sheet.

While this method of printing QSL cards is not new, and it is not the cheapest way, it offers me the most flexibility, which is what I want for now. I can change the image on my QSL card whenever I want to, and I can update the QSO layout or information whenever I want to. For instance I will be updating my callsign and putting a reference to my old callsign somewhere on the card, not sure if it will be on the front or on the QSO sticker.

One of my goals for my QSL cards is to do my own special cards for special events, like SPAR Winter Field Day or when I operate from a different location.