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New Radio Laptop

Yesterday afternoon I stopped by UW SWAP and picked up a Lenovo ThinkPad R60 running MS Windows 7 Home Premium. My previous radio laptop was the ThinkPad T60 running MS Windows XP Pro, it too was purchased at UW SWAP.

With the demise of WinXP coming ( Microsoft is ending support for it in April 2014 ) I had thought about putting Win7 on the T60, but that would end up costing me $90 to buy an OEM copy of Win7. When I saw that UW SWAP was running a special and selling the R60 for $100 it turned into a no brainer.

After I started installing all of the software that I use to make my life easier and the software specific to contesting, rig interface and the like, I started thinking about managing nm9o.com from this laptop, without having to have access to my server at home.

So I decided to install jekyll in Win7. This is not as easy as it should or could be. Some of the issues that I ran into were due to my use of some other ruby gems to resize images, but other issues were just due to known bugs not being fixed in official released versions yet. Anyway, that’s another story, that I don’t really want to get into here :).

I installed cwRsync using a package and instructions from rsync.net, which allows me to continue using the Rakefile that I already have.

The result is that this laptop SHOULD be able to be my primary radio machine for a while, including updating my website and keeping track of contacts.

To keep track of contacts I have been using N3FJP Amateur Contact Log, and I have also been using his other log programs for state QSO parties and other contests. I think I am going to poke around at N1MM and see if I can make that work. The ability to add custom defined contest information could be handy. There is also apparently an ability to generate a cabrillo formatted file, which N3FJP only does for contest specific programs.

Oops… just remembered that I need to do some stuff with LOTW.

New Radio Laptop R60